AGM Notice – 20 December 23


Annual General Meeting

7.30pm, Wednesday 20 December 2023
The Pennoyer Centre

Year ending 30 June 2023


  1. Welcome members
  2. Approval of Minutes of the meeting held on 15 November 2022
  3. Report on 2022/23 Performance and Activities forming the basis of the Annual Return to the Charity Commission
  4. Overview of Annual Accounts for year ended 30 June 2022/23
  5. Appointment of Trustees (Directors) – our constitution states that one third of Trustees is required to resign at each AGM by rotation and may be re-elected by the members.
  6. Forward plan and strategic priorities for financial year 2023/24
  7. Any other business – previously notified to the Company Secretary at least seven days prior to the meeting
  8. Closure of the meeting Note: This is an open meeting to which members of the public have been invited, but only members are entitled to vote on formal matters brought before the meeting.  The Pennoyer Centre is a charitable company limited by guarantee and its members are entitled to vote at the AGM on any matters put before the members.   Members who are unable to attend the meeting in person can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf by notifying the Company Secretary seven working days before the meeting of the person they have nominated to vote on their behalf.

Company Secretary
27 November 2023