Volunteer at the Pennoyer Centre

Join our team — you’ll have a great time!

Whether you have a little spare time or plenty, the Pennoyer Centre can offer you a wide range of opportunities to have fun whilst helping your community.

Why volunteering at the Pennoyer Centre is your new best idea!

  • You’ll meet new people, make new friends and build real, local connections
  • Volunteering is proven to help wellbeing, happiness and positivity
  • You’ll develop new skills and practise existing skills
  • Share your knowledge and expertise
  • Get a big kick from giving something back to your community
  • Fulfil your ambition to become a cake baker or quiz master!
  • Never be bored again!

Why we want you

  • Your skills and knowledge are crucial to ensure the Centre thrives
  • Your personality will help make the Centre vibrant and welcoming
  • We need your help to make a difference to our community
  • We can’t do it without you. The Centre simply cannot exist without our amazing volunteers


David Howlett – Centre Manager
Karen Parker – Assistant Centre Manager
Ben Elvin – Senior Café Supervisor
Donna Porter – Café Assistant
Julie Clarke – Café Assistant
Vicky Knight – Café Assistant
Beccy Miller – Café Assistant
Tasmin Mills – Café assistant
Bev Stoneman – Café Assistant
Kerry Mark – Cleaner
Amie Purse – Cleaner
Glenn Albon – Caretaker
Mark Scanlan – Caretaker
Alan Brett – Caretaker
Pat Cook – Bar
Jazzy Wiles – Bar
Gemma Corston – Bar
Emily Telford – Bar


Anne Cleveland (Chair)

I have lived in Pulham St Mary for 6 years after retiring in 2013. The Pennoyer Centre is a valuable asset to the village and helped us to make new friends as newcomers to the village. Throughout my working life, I had a lot of experience working with charities, particularly as a Board member, so I wanted to use that experience to give something back to the community. After learning more about Pennoyers, I became a Trustee in February 2016 and was subsequently appointed Chair in November 2016.

Karin Carruthers

After graduating from Falmouth University School of Art with a BA (Hons) in Scientific & Technical Graphics. Now living in Norfolk, I run my Pulham-based business whilst also applying my talents to The Pennoyer Centre on a voluntary basis. I am involved in creating a strong brand for the Centre which includes everything from the website to creating exhibition panels and information leaflets. I am also engaged in promoting the education, community and heritage areas that the Centre embraces.

The Pennoyer Centre is an amazing building with a fascinating history, and with the help of everybody involved, an amazing future. I enjoy how the Centre serves both the local community and businesses alike and have a great time meeting everyone at regular events.

Tim Hills

I am an IT engineer in the real world. I sort out any and all IT related issues in Norfolk schools across the county. Having lived in the Pulhams for the majority of my life I am very much part of the area’s community.

At The Pennoyer Centre, with its state of the art IT systems and facilities, I have a fulfilling opportunity to do what most others in the organisation don’t want to understand and utilise my skills to local benefit.

I am a keen swimmer and have been involved in many competitive and charitable swims. I also do the occasional triathlon.

Kath Jones

I moved to Pulham St Mary at the end of 2020, my parents having lived in the village since 1981. I was a member of the board of trustees for The Pennoyer Centre from 2011 to 2016, and was Chair for the last two years of my trusteeship. Having taken early retirement from the NHS in January 2020, I have been gifted with more free time to rejoin the trustee group as a fundraising specialist. My working experience has principally been in research and development management within the healthcare sector. Now I have given up work I enjoy spending time dog walking, dog grooming, baking, and driving a tractor for the Annual Pink Ladies’ Tractor Run for CRUK.

Sheila King

As an independent management consultant for the last 23 years, specialising in programme management, I have worked with numerous organisations large and small. My client experience covers a wide range of global and international financial services institutions, and more recently, local companies and authorities.

My involvement with The Pennoyer Centre began in 2006 when I developed the original feasibility survey. I then led the team that secured the necessary funding and managed the restoration project. After its completion, I became Chair of the new Trustee Board up until 2014, with a specific focus on the heritage aspects of the Centre.

I hold a degree in English from the University of Edinburgh. My interests include bird watching, gardening, cooking, wine, travel and of course my family.

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