Corporate Support

Our Corporate Partners

Our corporate partners are, in many ways, the life force behind our charity-based venue.

Without out partners we would struggle to deliver our charitable objectives

Choosing us as your charity of the year is a great way for your company to support a charity that genuinely makes a difference to the lives of people living in your rural area.

We offer a range of opportunities to our partners in exchange for their support to our charity heritage venue.

Why partnering with the Pennoyer Centre helps you

  • Build client loyalty through hosting events in the Centre’s stunning buildings
  • Provide staff incentives through discounted prices at the café
  • Integrate your charitable and corporate responsibilities by partnering with a rural charity reaching all members of our community

Contact us to become a Pennoyer Partner

Corporate Fundraising

The fun is in fundraising! Bring out the best of you and your teams and raise money together for the Pennoyer Centre. Charity events boost team morale and are a great way for you to attract positive media interest.

When it comes to ideas, the sky is literally your limit … people love charity skydives! Team hikes, charity bike rides, even gunge and ice baths! Your efforts can make such a difference to our charity, and trust us, your company and employees will have a blast in helping us.

Put the fun into fundraising by doing your bit and contact us

Corporate membership

This is a great opportunity to not only support arts and culture in South Norfolk, but also help prevent rural isolation and promote wellbeing, whilst receiving benefits and being associated with a respected brand.

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Who doesn’t love giving a gift?

Did you know gifting money to a charity from your company before tax is deductible from your total profits of your business when calculating corporation tax? If you enjoy making you and your accountant smile, we can help!

There are many ways you can gift money to a worthwhile charitable cause including donating to a fundraising event, bringing your team to one of our event evenings, supporting us through offering your time and expertise or even providing your services.

For more ideas of how helping us can help you, please contact us