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Relive Pulham’s amazing history in the classroom!

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Bursting with props and great ideas to bring Pulham’s local airship history alive.

Retell the airship station’s history — dressing up clothes and a toy cat are included in the pack to help children recreate the R34’s famous transatlantic flight with a furry stowaway!

Key themes include:

  • How the station was a centre for innovation and experiments in parachuting, photography, weather forecasting and aircraft release technology
  • The activities support a range of curriculum topics. For example, combining the airship station’s parachute development with Year 5’s topic of gravity, forces and resistance. The kit bag props bring added interest to activities

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Lesson plans

Download our helpful airship lesson plans (Lesson plan page and pdf)

Activity sheets

Please download our fun activity sheets (Activity sheet page and pdfs)

Fascinating film footage

Incredible footage of Pulham’s airships to help bring history to life in the class!

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